Modular, Autonomous, eXtendible Flight Software

The MAX Tool Suite includes MAX Flight Software, ODySSy, Sequencer, DevTool and MAX GDS. These tools provide an out-of-the-box solution to meet the demands of modern space endeavors.

Mature and Full-Featured

Off-the-shelf flight software that supports a wide range of missions and all spacecraft subsystems including command and telemetry, sequencing, GN&C, fault protection, built-in closed loop simulation, and more.


Targeted and adapted to a wide variety of spacecraft designs, payloads, mission requirements, and hardware architectures. Our MAX DevTool with auto-code generation enables timelines from program start to launch measured in months.

Cost Effective

More than any other spacecraft subsystem, MAX Flight Software has the unique ability to enable rapid program-wide progress while significantly reducing costs. MAX’s digital mission engineering framework allows programs to accelerate their timelines by starting with a feature rich software foundation.


With over a century in space and 35+ successful missions, MAX reduces risk and increases responsiveness. Proven on a wide variety of missions including government programs, interplanetary spacecraft, and rapidly developed commercial constellations.


Full Life-Cycle Solution

Mature high-performance Object-Oriented C++ code base, including extensive software libraries to hit the ground running


MAX FSW incorporates ODySSy (On-Board Dynamic Simulation System), a unique built-in test capability with high-fidelity full mission modeling, enabling rapid spacecraft development.


A full-featured high-fidelity simulation built directly into the flight code that models all aspects of the mission and spacecraft. During development and spacecraft AI&T, ODySSy runs on the flight processor using the "idle" part of the real-time frame.


Accelerate development and AI&T by drastically reducing dependencies on external test equipment - essential for cost-effective constellation programs. ODySSy is the simulation engine for the STK SOLIS spacecraft simulator - providing commonality between Hardware-in-the-Loop and All-Digital simulations.


With DevTool, easily build custom components and algorithms within MAX FSW. DevTool auto-codes the majority of FSW for new components using an intelligent XML schema.


MAX provides the vast majority of configurable flight software for your spacecraft and mission. But there will always be unique flight software - DevTool makes this easy and guarantees compatibility with the MAX framework.


DevTool takes the mystery out of developing embedded software for your spacecraft. Simply describe your new software component in an intelligent XML schema and DevTool auto-codes the entire MAX framework for your new component, just drop in your algorithm and you're up and running.


Powerful sequence engine and scripting language provides operational flexibility, automation, and CONOPS development. Sequencer supports configurable fault detection, isolation, and recovery.


Powerful sequencing is the key to highly autonomous operations. We make it easy to Develop your CONOPS in Sequencer and your spacecraft will reliably perform its mission. Sequencer schedules complex operations with real-time knowledge of the spacecraft and its environment.


Sequencer provides interpretive (i.e., not hard-code) logic and full math library coupled with access to all telemetry and commands. This allows you to change the behavior of your spacecraft and operations without the need to modify flight software. In addition to nominal operations, the MAX fault protection system is based on this capability for safe and efficient spacecraft operations.


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